Our profound thanks go to the Elders whose wisdom has guided our path. Their knowledge and wisdom, and that of other leaders in the Aboriginal community provides the foundation on which this project is built. In particular we want to thank Elders Sylvia Obie and Isadore Pelletier who read and commented on the lesson ideas in October 2009.

A great deal of help was received in obtaining the video material and we want to recognize some of the organizations and individuals involved. Thanks go out to the School of Journalism at the University of Regina and in particular to Robin Lawless, the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Technology, the First Nation's University of Canada and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

We are greatful to our sponsors whose support has made this project possible, the Imperial Oil Foundation through its support to Math Central, the University of Regina, the Canadian Mathematical Society and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

We owe a large debt of thanks to the individuals who agreed to be included in the videos.
They constitute the heart of this endeavour.