Aboriginal Perspectives


Number Concepts

Jessica Wesaquate


Number (Number concepts)

Grade Level:




Students will use numbers to describe quantities and represent numbers in multiple ways.

General Outcome:

Recognize and apply whole numbers from 0 to 100, and explore halves, in familiar settings.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Estimate, then count the number of objects in a set (0 to 50) and compare the estimate with the actual number.

  2. Recognize, build, compare and order sets that contain 0 to 50 elements.

  3. Read Cree number words to 10.


Small rocks, two different sized jars (option: dollar store), recipe cards .

Related Video:

Rosella Carney Video 2: "Cree Counting"


  1. Fill up a jar full of small rocks. Indigenous people traditionally used what Mother Nature offered, and we can still do that today. Have students estimate how many small rocks are in the jar. Once students have recorded their estimate in a math journal or workbook, have them do an exact count of the small rocks. Get them to compare their estimate to their actual count.

    Using a different sized jar, have students estimate how many small rocks will fit into this jar. Ask them how the first jar can help them to make their guess.

  2. As the teacher, watch the Rosella Carney Cree Counting video. You may also choose to show your students the video as well. The curriculum asks for students to be able to read number words 1 through 10 in English. Along with this, you can teach them in Cree.

    Write the following on recipe cards:

    One Two Three Four Five
    _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
    Pe’yak N’iso Nisto Ne’yo Niya’nan

    Six Seven Eight Nine
    _____ _____ _____ _____
    Nikotaw’sik Te’pakohp Ayina’new Ke’ka’c mita’that

    The blanks are for students to practice writing their numerals. Once students have filled in the blanks, have them shuffle their cards in different orders. From here have them order their cards from the largest number to the smallest number and vice versa.

                                 Click here to learn Cree pronunciation