Aboriginal Perspectives


3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes

Jessica Wesaquate

Subject Area:



Shape and Space (3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes)

Grade Level:



Main Objective:

Students will describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, and analyze the relationships among them.

General Outcome:

Describe, classify, construct and relate 3-D objects and 2-D shapes.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Identify and count faces, vertices and edges of 3-D objects.

  2. Identify and name faces of a 3-D object with appropriate 2-D names.

  3. Describe and name cones by the shape of the base.


Activity One:
Tipi raising videos: Glen Anaquod or Tim Haywahe section, paper, pencils, and scissors

Activity Two:
Objects created from activity one

Activity three:
Still image of a raised tipi from Tim Haywahe or Glen Anaquod section

Activities/Lesson Ideas:

  1. Watch tipi raising videos from Glen Anaquod or Tim Haywahe section. Using simply paper, have students recreate the shapes from the video. Students can start by making a semi-circle to represent the canvas. They can also transfer this shape into the shape of a cone, which represents the raised tipi. It will also be their responsibility to re-create the shapes of the pins, pegs, and rope. Once students have created these shapes, have them record the following in chart form:

    • The number of faces on each object.
    • The number of vertices on each object.
    • Can a pattern be created?

  2. Using the paper copies of the objects created in activity one, have students draw, trace of make prints of the faces in their math journals. Under each example they should identify and name the faces.

    Found at Math Dictionary.com – A face is a flat surface of a three-dimensional figure.

  3. Take a look at a still image from the Tim Haywahe or Glen Anaquod section that shows the tipi raised. Ask students what shape the tipi is raised? Once students have determined the shape is a cone, discuss how many faces the cone has. Students will learn that the cone has two faces - a flat base and a curved side.