Aboriginal Perspectives



Jessica Wesaquate


Shape and Space (Transformations)

Grade Level:


Subject Area:



Main Objective:

Students will perform, analyze, and create transformations.

General Outcome:

Describe, orally, the position of 3-D objects.

Specific Outcomes:

Describe the relative position of 3-D objects, using such words as over, under, beside, between, inside, outside.


Toothpicks, piece of felt to represent tipi cover

Glen Anaquod Tipi Raising Video 1: Overview


Show students the overview video of the Glen Anaquod tipi raising. Have them pay attention to the different positions the poles are put in, the way the hide is placed, as well as the pegs.

Give each student some toothpicks and a felt cover. The toothpicks can represent the tipi poles from the video and the felt cover can represent the hide covering. You are going to play a game of Simon says using these manipulatives:

“…Put the poles ‘under’ the hide covering.”

“…Put two poles ‘over’ one pole.”

“…Put all the poles ‘beside’ each other.”

“…Put the hide ‘between’ two poles.”

“…Make a square with the poles and put the hide ‘inside’ the square.”

“…Put some toothpicks on the ‘outside’ edges of the hide covering.”

There are many other options you can use as well, be creative.


You can take anecdotal notes as the students work.


Communication – Students will start to use language designated for mathematics.