Workshop Kits

Each teacher that attended the workshop received a kit to accompany the lesson ideas. A copy of the kit is available at the Gabriel Domint Institute Library at the University of Regina. Each kit contains a printed copy of the lesson ideas.


Kit Contents


Loom Activities
  • 1 loom
  • 2 bottles of pony beads
  • Plastic weaving needles

Red River Cart
  • 1 image of red river cart

Star Quilts
  • 1 large diamond cutout
  • 1 small wooden diamond cutout

Trading Post
  • 1 set of pelt trading cards
  • 20 beaver pelts

Patterns and Relationships

Venn Diagrams
  • Pieces of yarn
  • 4 bottles of assorted beads
  • 9 felt pieces

Shape and Space

Métis Sash
  • 1 Métis sash photo
  • Finger-weaving sets

  • 1 parfleche image
  • 1 bottle of raw buffalo hide
  • 1 buffalo hide package

Statistics and Probability

Many-to-one Correspondence
  • 1 set of many-to-one correspondence cards
  Plum Stones
  • 1 set of game pieces