Workshop Kits

Each teacher that attended the workshop received a kit to accompany the lesson ideas. A copy of the kit is available at the Gabriel Domint Institute Library at the University of Regina. Each kit contains a printed copy of the lesson ideas and a role model package as well as the items listed below.


Kit Contents


Percentages and Beads 5 beading examples, 3 copies of each
6 windows, 5 copies of each

Stick Pull game 4 sticks

Quipu 7 balls of yarn

Patterns and Relationships

Fur Trade 23 trading goods cards

Jingle Dress Package of jingles

Shape and Space

Angles 2 parflesche images, 3 copies of each

Flags 4 images of flags

Polygons and Quills 4 packages of dyed toothpicks
1 package of porcupine quills

Statistics and Probability

Dropsticks 4 large dropsticks, Popsicle dropsticks

Plum Stones 6 sets of game pieces