Aboriginal Perspectives
Grade Four Mathematics Workshop


Patterns & Relationships

Four-Digit Numerals N4.1
Sums Differences and the Fur Trade N4.2
Strategies to Determine a Product N4.3
Products with a 1-digit number N4.4
Division with Remainders N4.5
Fractions and Red River Carts N4.6
A Fraction as Part of a Set N4.6
Fractions with the Same Denominator N4.6
Decimal Fractions and Star Quilts N4.7
Trading at the Trading Post N4.8
Equivalent Fractions N5.5
Venn Diagrams and Beads P4.1
Equations with Symbols from Star Quilts P4.2

Shape & Space

Statistics & Probability

Time and the Métis Sash SS4.1
Area, Symmetry and Parfleche Bags SS4.2
Rectangular Prisms and Parfleche Bags SS4.3
Symmetry and Birch Bark Biting SS4.4
The Plum Stones Game: Bar Graphs SP3.1
A many-to-one correspondence SP4.1
Many-to-One correspondence - Parfleche SP4.1
The Plum Stones Game: Prediction SP5.3